13 Girls Messenger Bags That Grab Attention

Girls messenger bags are priced for every budget. A nice bag can cost as little as $40.00. Color, material type, and the capacity amenities all vary. You can choose a sleek, leather carrier or a washable, vintage canvas bag to carry belongings. Some bags are uniquely flamboyant while others are quite conservative. This allows you to match a bag to your individual panache. The following 13 bags will get the attention of a girl’s friends, family, and maybe even that great guy she’s been trying to get attention from! These cool bags will turn heads in your direction. Let’s start with a classic bag:

Baggallini Everything Crossbody Travel Bag

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This messenger bag is sold in the colors portobello, violet, black, blue, apple, and more. This lightweight bag is water resistant, has a 52” strap that fits across the body for easy portability and is 10” high. It has magnetic clasp (very handy) and will hold books, phones, and clothing. It’s Great for a quick trip without the worry of a huge piece of luggage. You can seriously pack all the important items in this one little bag. The Baggallini Everything Travel Cross- Body Bag suits weekend getaways. Carry outfits, take your lunch in it to a park, or carry it as a purse in a casual setting. The Baggallini line consist of the Crisscross travel bag, Zipper Cross bag and the Triple Zip Cross bag. Each bag has unique storage features that helps you carry and secure your treasures. Look radiant and confident while moving through the world with everything you need within reach.

J World New York Terry Messenger Bag Messenger Bag

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Most people have a lot to think about when deciding upon a messenger bag. However, once they have assessed their needs, the J World New York Terry messenger bag fits right into the scope of work and play. With this bag, you will be carrying a computer, note pads, pens and pencils. Designed with a tough outer surface, the inside of the bag is affixed with pockets and a special space for your computer. Use this bag as an extra carry-on during air travel, or pack an outfit for an easy change once arriving at your destination. It has a flap opening with a cell phone compartment with a zip closure. It makes life more convenient with a “pick up and go” attitude that takes the pounding of schoolroom desk or coffee shop tables. This messenger bag looks good no matter where you take it and it is sold in a glorious rainbow of colors.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag

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This bag is imported and made of nylon material. It has a shoulder strap, and is designed with an internal organizer. It has a pocket for cell phone and has a place for pens and other miscellaneous items necessary to get you through the busy day. A side pocket is handy for a water bottle and lunch if you like. When using this bag, make use of the tricot lined pocket that shields sunglasses or iPhone from damage. The bag is light, weighing only 2.2 pounds. The Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag carries very much like a purse, or you can treat it like a backpack. The inside of the carrier is nicely lined and has strap-like closures for secure keeping. These bags are handy for carrying magazines, computers or miscellaneous papers. They do the same job as a briefcase yet are far more flexible. The material is resilient and goes almost anywhere. This bag is an excellent traveling companion as well.

Baggallini Sydney Travel Crossbody Bag

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Show your wild side with the Baggallini Sydney Cross Travel bag. Accessorize your wardrobe with this cute girls messenger bag and its magnetic closure. The newer version is updated from the original Velcro closure and is just as efficient if not more. It has a fabric lining with a 36” carry strap. It is made of 100% nylon and is imported. You can fit personal items into this snappy bag, freeing your hands up for other things. No leaving sunglasses on the table or walking off from a camera because it was not in a storage space. This bag lets you keep it together throughout the day no matter how hectic and busy you get.

Kaukko Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag

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Kaukko Vintage Canvas messenger bag is a lovely way to transport items of necessity. Place a small purse, water bottle, keys and magazines in this trusty long strap bag. Closures are saddle cinch type and hold fast when riding a bike or walking in the park. Material is durable with old-fashioned saddlebag flair. Take this bag anywhere, carrying the things you want to keep close. The waist backpack and the motorcycle bag are a few of the many Kaukko vintage messenger bags available at affordable prices. These bags are great for those interested in hiking, biking or rushing to meeting across town. In this bag, pack your laptop, makeup pouch and school supplies. Miscellaneous items are important during the day and this girls messenger bag holds most things.

The North Face Base Camp Messenger Bag

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Use the North Face Base Camp messenger bag to carry a favorite puzzle book, pick up a shell collection, or even sandwiches from the deli. It is filled with little compartments so your personal items will not slide out easily. Much easier than carting bulky luggage across an airport floor, this is a great piece of baggage for travelers. The bag is simple to clean too. It is reliable and it is clearly visible, allowing it to stay in your line of vision if you prefer. This bag is a really convenient size – not too big and not too small.

Prestige Medical Nurse’s Car-GO Bag

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The Prestige Medical Nurse Cargo Bag might fit into any lifestyle. Do not let the name deter you from using this great little bag. This bag with its many inner compartments brings out the creativity in anyone. The bag is only a little over a foot wide and six inches tall. Nevertheless, a user will be able to fit a laptop into these girls messenger bags easily. A Velcro strip placed along the bottom of the bag holds it in place when it is seated. This is one of the most interesting messenger bags for women with its interesting designs. It certainly allows creativity for the user, and will definitely be grabbing the attention of those all around.

UTG Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag

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The UTG Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag, Dark Earth sells for around $30. This messenger bag provides a convenient way to move from place to place carrying items efficiently. It has easy-to-reach front pockets, and a back pocket space closed with a zipper. Take a computer and a nice carry strap. The pouch has a concealed interior that works in a coffee shop or in the park. Pens and pencils are essential items that fit, and the pocket for a smart phone is a nice touch. The ability to stuff life’s essentials into one bag is a great reason for choosing this girls messenger bag.

Dakine Jive Shoulder Bag

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The Dakine Women’s Jive Messenger Bag with Padded Laptop Sleeve is made of a nice, light polyester material. Carry this bag without effort. Set your site on this beautiful messenger bag with inner zippered closures and 13″ to 46″ straps. It is lightweight and carries a bundle of items. This bag is stylish, and works at any event. Carry it as a basic messenger bag, or use the straps as a briefcase. Use this fun bag to scoot from class to class without leaving things behind. Stuff it full of soft things or fill it full of books. This bag is one of those girls messenger bags that are sturdy, lightweight, and ready for an array of activities.

Michael Kors Women’s Selma Mini Messenger Bag

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The Michael Kors Women’s Selma Mini Messenger Bag is a lovely addition to a stylish wardrobe. The bag is imported and designed with a flair for high fashion. This bag stands apart with its zippered pouch and 26” carry strap. Spend the day carrying a bag that impresses the people you meet. These girls messenger bags creates a presence for its owner, making a statement without words. Take them anywhere and use them for almost anything: cameras, sketch pads and more. Bags like this are carried only by stylish women around the world.

Rothco Vintage Canvas Paratrooper Bag

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Put some excitement into your day with the Rothco Vintage Canvas Paratrooper Bag, a great change of pace for canvass design. This bag has tons of places to put a pen and pad. This girls messenger bag puts a little twist into a typically conservative style. Add adventure to an outfit with this smartly developed paratrooper bag. The look gives impressions of a different time while serving the user with inspiring, easy to care for attention getting accessory.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Come Bag Soon

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The Kenneth Cole Reaction Come Bag Soon – Colombian Leather Laptop Messenger is always a show stopper. Travel around town with a bag that flaps over and clasps magnetically. The computer area is padded, and the back compartment snaps securely closed. This is an easy bag to manage: it looks good and is made from rich leather. These girls messenger bags fill the challenge of utility and good looks. Its purse-like appearance does not stop it from carrying the trinkets you want to transport every day. The design is flawless and comfortable to carry.

Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Messenger Bag

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The Travelon Anti-Theft Flap-Front Cross-body Bag permits a girl to look stunning when carrying a versatile messenger bag. This is a lovely textured design with a locking main compartment. It can look like a purse but it will act like a compact piece of luggage. This bag presents a new way to look fashionable while carrying computer or books. It is priced between $35 and $46. Whether you prefer a briefcase-styled messenger bag or basic messenger, the pockets and zipper compartments in this bag will provide room for daily essentials. This bag will show off good taste and practicality at the same time. The design is especially appealing to those with busy schedules, always on the go. It will get comments for sure!

Girls Messenger Bags That Turn Heads

Strut your favorite one of these girls messenger bags and you are guaranteed to get some attention. These messenger bags can be used every season of the year. In the course of a day a person moves quickly. Particularly if working or going to classes. These useful and affordable bags will increase your efficiency, look great on you, and get noticed by all those around you. It is always a good feeling when transferring your stuff to a new bag for the day. So go forth and enjoy!

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