15 Messenger Bags for Girls

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Young girls use messenger bags typically for school or as a purse, so they have to be very versatile and modern to keep up with today’s style. Here are the top fifteen messenger bags for girls that I found that were cute, chic, and resourceful.

1. Kenox Vintage Women Laminated Canvas Messenger Bag

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Of all the messenger bags for girls, this floral, adorable, and compact messenger bag seems to appeal to girls who have a little bit of a girly side. For school use (based on a large consensus of the reviews) this bag can hold about 3 textbooks comfortably. Because there are only two compartments on the outside, I would recommend this bag for a girl who is lower maintenance. The plus side of this bag is the strap. It’s large enough for a girl to feel comfortable walking around with large books but not bulky so that it’s not painful. The best part about these girls messenger bags is it is waterproof. There is nothing worse than soggy homework that you’ve worked on all night (and possibly morning). With this bag, your personal belongings, books, and work will be protected.

2. J World New York Thomas Messenger Bags for Girls

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This particular girls messenger bag is great for numerous reasons. There are many different compartments on the inside and outside of the bag, front and back. The back of the bag has zip-up pocket sleeve which is great for holding papers, slim notebooks, and/or a few folders. The interior of the bag is really roomy and some users were able to fit a MacBook and a text book inside together. Sticking to the usual messenger bag fashion, there are small pockets on the side that will fit a a water bottle or a cell phone. In addition to this bag being durable and made from great fabric, this bag comes in 26 different colors and patterns.

3. Douguyan Unisex Messenger Bag

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Compared to other messenger bags for girls, the Douguyan messenger bag is for the vintage girl who isn’t particularly attracted to flowers and bright colors and is more interested in the quality and durabilty of the product. Although this one is unisex, it is a suitable girls messenger bag because it’s made of canvas and faux leather and gives you a nostalgic feeling when seeing it. The bag comes highly reviewed due to it’s sturdiness and size. Although it may not fit a larger laptop, the interior of the bag is big enough to fit a few textbooks or a change of clothes, and a smaller laptop or tablet. There is also enough space inside of the bag to fit a phone, wallet, and keys as well as four outside compartments, large enough to carry a Fiji bottle. This bag comes in a variety of colors and a few with a little camo design on the front flap. Stylish enough to still stand out in the crowd.

4. J World New York Terry Messenger Bag

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Reviews of messenger bags for girls show that this one is highly raved as one of the best on the market. Not only does this bag come in a variety of colors and patterns to appeal to just about any girl searching for her perfect bag, there are tons of little compartments on the inside and out. The front flap holds a zip-top sleeve that can fit just about kind of paper, magazine, or even a small makeup brush case. Both side pockets are different sizes, where one can fit a drink and the other can fit your phone. One of the best features on this bag is the larger 26.5 inch shoulder strap. Because there is so much room inside of the bag, a large strap helps it from becoming too much of a strain on a girls’ shoulder. This bag is a must have.

5. SKORCH Compact Canvas Messenger Bag

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If you prefer messenger bags for girls that do not have a lot of exterior design, have a lot of functionality, are compact, and sleek, this bag would be for you. It comes in a light blue color made from high quality cotton canvas which is sure to last for years and years. If you wanted to, you could probably use this one for all four years of high school and possibly even college. Although it is slimmer than most girls messenger bags, with a depth of 4 inches and width of 14 inches, you’d still be able to carry a laptop and/or books or even stuff it with clothes for an overnight sleepover and still be able to close the bag with ease. There’s versatility with how you wear it as well; either as a shoulder bag or across your back. Like most messenger bags, there are two pockets on the side and one on the back, which is secured by a zipper. The interested thing about this bag are the closures, which are magnetic. If you’re worried about them being difficult to open, don’t fret. Users across the board have raved about the closures being unique and easy to maneuver.

6. ECOSUSI Stylish Faux Leather Purses Girl’s School Satchel Bag

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The most adorable girls messenger bags you’ll probably ever see is this Ecosusi school bag. Visually, it is impeccably designed for the unassuming girly girl who is highly into fashion and puts you in the mind of something you’d see worn in England by a multitude of girls. On the outside, aside from the cute little bow that has become a signature of this brand, there are little black studs which gives this bag a smart look. Smaller than most messenger bags, this one may be good for a girl who doesn’t have that many large books to carry home. Most users have preferred to use this bag as a purse or briefcase. In addition, this bag comes in five, beautiful colors.

7. Fansela Hobo Crossbody Messenger Handbag

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Like the Ecosusi, the Fansela Retro Hobo bag is different from the “regular” shaped girls messenger bags, but it is useful and roomy on the inside, in spite it’s size. Surprisingly, this bag is heavier than it looks, and is lined inside. It also comes with heavy straps, so you could possibly use this as an overnight bag and wouldn’t have to worry about breaking the bag. There’s enough room inside for a notebook, planner, makeup case, magazines…any girls daily necessities. This would definitely work as a purse. The stylish color selection (it comes in five colors) and it’s durable cotton canvas material would appeal to any girls inner conservative diva.

8. Observ Classic Laptop Messenger Bag

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If modern and rugged is more your style, this bag is absolutely for you. It is available in two colors (army green and tan) and is very large on the inside. People who used this bag loved how they could fit more than one electronic device inside as well as daily items, like a makeup bag or daily planner. Like most girls messenger bags on this list, this one comes with two front pockets, big enough for cell phones, and two side pockets with magnetic closures for easy access. The strap is adjustable and comfortable, large enough to carry the weight of the bags contents. This classic yet contemporary bag is perfect for the girl who is a little rougher and tougher, as this bag will be able to keep up with her.

9. JBonest Purple Geometry Painting Bohemian Messenger Bag

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For the girl who loves flair and bold colors, this bag is for her. Slim enough to carry a laptop and it’s accessories, this messenger bag is light weight and water resistant, and highly reviewed as the perfect laptop bag. In addition to the main compartment, there are three pockets on the outside that are great for little items, such as pens, phones, and a tablet. This bag doesn’t have a shoulder strap, unlike most girls messenger bags, but does have two well-built hand straps that won’t break or rip while traveling. This bag also comes in three different sizes, so if you prefer a smaller laptop bag, you can still enjoy this cute, colorful, geometric print bag.

10. Bronze Times Unisex Canvas Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag

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Although the title of the bag says it is specifically used for laptop’s, many users have used this roomy, chic but rugged bag for holding textbooks and notebooks. This bag is great for girls who are into the worn look, but still want to be fashionable. These girls messenger bags comes with a concealed zipper pocket as well as an interior zipper pocket slot and tablet pocket, so you can fit multiple items inside at once. Whether you’re spending the day out with friends or going to classes, this one has a lot of room for everything you would need.

11. OXA Small Vertical Canvas Messenger Bag Shoulder Bag

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A little unconventional and smaller than your normal girls messenger bags, these cute compact item is still useful. If you don’t require something that needs to hold a bunch of heavy books, then this bag would be great for you. Users who have purchased this bag loved how handy and durable it is. Even though it is slim compared to most messenger bags, this one is deep inside and would be great for a writer, poet, or artist who likes to carry notebooks and sketchbooks just in case they are inspired while running the town.

12. WATERFLY Fashion Messenger Bag

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For the girl who likes to walk around with conversational pieces on display, this bag is definitely for you. Waterfly gives you a variety of cool prints on all of their messenger bags for girls, from the cool cat to the zebra print, but all still with the same high level of functionality. There are three compartments to it; two big main parts, great for a laptop or notebooks, and a small section that can hold a wallet, pens, keys, and other smaller items. Very simple on the inside, very bold on the outside.

13. New Design Fashion Girls Cute PU Leather Cat Messenger Bag

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Cute and modern for the little fashionista, these kitty-designed messenger bags for girls are perfect for a young lady-in-training. Although it’s smaller and doesn’t look like the traditional messenger bag, this could very well fit a little girls’ belongings and a small tablet or electronic reading device. It comes in two colors; black with a red bow or blue with a pink bow, and is sophisticated in design. I’d definitely purchase this for my daughter.

14. QANSI Waterproof Shockproof Bag

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Given the highest rating on amazon.com among messenger bags for girls, this messenger bag would probably appeal to just about anyone. With three colors available, this bag is padded heavily inside to make sure your belongings are secured in the event the bag is dropped accidentally. The inside of the bag holds more than enough space for a combination of books, electronics, and clothing. The flexible use of the bag is also very attractive. Not only is it waterproof, it can also be used as a carry-on an a flight, or a snack bag on a road trip. If you’re the girl who wants to get multiple uses out of one bag, this would be the right one.

15. CoolBell Waterproof Oxford Girls Messenger Bag

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Another great and compact girls messenger bag, this one seems as if it wouldn’t hold a lot due to it’s height, but because of a combination of the width, depth, and pockets on this messenger bag for girls, any girl would be able to fit anything she’d need for the day or a weekend inside. With five choices of bold colors, users loved how beautiful and resourceful this bag was. This will definitely appeal to the girl who wants to get as much inside of a smaller bag as possible without being too bulky or heavy.

Messenger Bags for Girls are Fun

As you can see from the pictures, messenger bags for girls are a lot of fun. Not only do you enjoy functionality for school, work or hanging out, you also get style. You can show off different designs and colors, as well as different ways to wear the bag. It is something that will get you noticed and commented on, and the messenger bag also looks good hanging in your home. Enjoy it!

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