Best Messenger Bags for Women

Messenger Bags for Women

1. Baggallini Big Sydney Bag- $100 (from $66 to $85 on Amazon for certain colors)

This bag has roomy and easily accessible pockets and is big enough to carry all the essentials of women without looking bulky.

One of its most well liked features is its back pocket with magnet closure that makes accessing things easy without having to deal with zippers. It also comes in very interesting colors as well. According to many reviewers, the main con of this model, however, is that credit cards and pens slip easily from its pockets.

Overall, especially with the sale that is going on right now on Amazon, the Baggallini Big Sidney is our top choice for messenger bags for women!

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2. eBags Villa Cross Body- $19.99ebags cross body

With such a small price tag, this model is a almost an obvious choice to add to your bag collection.

It has roomy pockets and slim shape that stops it from bobbing around awkwardly. It also comes with a superior strap that is not prone to twisting.

The main drawback is that, many people complain of its shiny nylon material being a little cheap looking for fancier occasions.

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3. Timbuk2 Minnie Rae Women’s Shoulder Bag- $22.95

This bag is lightweight and compact and falls perfectly into the body shape so it’s easy to carry. Like the eBag, however, some people also don’t like the plastic-like sheen of its material.

We have this bag on the list because it makes a nice combo between a messenger bag and a purse.

It can be ideal for occasions when you need less than a messenger bag and more than a purse. I’ve added it to my collection and I recommend it to my friends all the time. And at $22 its a steal.

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Factors of the Best Messenger Bags for Women


Just because women are more active nowadays doesn’t mean that they have to carry along bags that look mannish and unappealing. A bag’s design and look not be that important for some men but there are women who consider this as a very important element. Messenger bags in interesting colors and in good shapes are best for this use. Women don’t need to sacrifice their fashion sense just because you’re looking for an efficient tote.

Shoulder Strap

One of the most common complaints of users of messenger bags is the strain that they suffer on their shoulders by walking around with it for long periods of time. Women should look for bags that won’t put too much strain on their shoulders. Bags with wide straps and in the proper length is very important because their frames are much sensitive than men.

Number of Pockets

Generally, the best messenger bags should have the right number of pockets that come in the right size and placed in the right locations. For women, however, the importance of these elements is much more pronounced because they carry different things than men. Sure, both genders need pockets for their keys, and cards, and pens. But women have to stuff other things on their bags that men usually don’t need to such as cosmetics and a hairbrush. The best messenger bags for women, therefore, should have pockets that can accommodate these.



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