We’re kind of obsessed with messenger bags!

A nice messenger bag is gear for the modern lifestyle.  People live and work “on the run” these days and the right bag makes all the difference.

So in Jan 2013 we decided to start writing about them online.  We’ve created this site to help you figure out what messenger bag to buy, and join a community of folks who love their messenger bags. Part of why we created it was because after searching google expensively for different reviews and comparisons we still weren’t satisfied.  We wanted to put all the reviews, pictures, and ratings in one place.

Everyone has their own opinion on what bag is best and we don’t think messenger bags are a 1-size-fits-all kind of product. But we strive to provide the best information we can.

We’d love to publish your thoughts or story about your messenger bag. Please go ahead and comment, or send us an email.

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