Baggallini Big Sydney Bag Review

Baggallini Big Sydney Bag Review: The Baggallini Big Sydney Bag is one of the best messenger bag choices for people who want to bring along a bag that is very easy to access. It is hands-free and looks appealing as well. With the brand created by two former flight attendants, this model from Baggallini is specifically designed for the travel bugs and jet-setters.

2016 Update on Baggallini Big Sydney

The Baggallini Big Sydney is now simply the Baggallini Sydney (without the “Big”). It is an even better version of its predecessor. All the links on this page will now take you to the new and improved Baggallini Sydney.

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Baggallini Big Sydney Bag Specifications

Baggallini Big Sydney Bag Reviews From the Internet

Room and pocket distribution wise, this model is a nice treat. Baggallini seemed to have really designed it for travel use with its accessible and roomy pockets. It is the perfect example of a messenger bag that is big enough to carry all the essentials yet still compact for ease of use. Its nylon material is very high quality. That delivers well during wet weather. It is dyed perfectly enough to make it look lively and interesting.

Many people also particularly like the back pocket with magnet closure. This makes it very easy to access things without fumbling for zippers. The zippered pockets are also a treat. They move smoothly and shut well. This is so the users can open and close them with only one hand.

The strap on this model is also very high quality. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate all sizes and heights. The hardware and rings attaching it to the actual bag are very sturdy. Its width perfectly complements the bag’s streamlined shape which isn’t too bulky. It is just right for cross body use.

As for the cons, Baggallini Big Sydney Bag reviews from some people complain about the uselessness of the credit card and pen slots on this model. The cards easily slide out. The pen holders, being positioned horizontally, cannot actually do their purpose. The bag also tends to lean a little on the heavy side. This is mainly because of the heavy duty rings holding the strap to its main body. The roominess of this bag is very much enough and superb for many people. However a lot of consumers have commented on how the dimensions of the actual bag aren’t exactly the same on what is described by the brand.

Overall, the Baggallini Big Sydney Bag is a good choice for those who want to have a “tote.” It is a bag they can bring along to their travels and other activities. Despite having faults, the advantages given by this model’s roomy interior and easy to access pockets still makes it a good buy for people who are always on the go.

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