Baggallini Messenger Bag Review

When it comes to functionality and style, the Baggalini name always pops up. Among its many offerings to its customers are their messenger bags which have a pretty strong following among people who are looking for efficient, ergonomic, and lightweight luggage for their hobbies and activities.

The messenger bag is a popular choice for people who want to have a bag that can carry all their things yet still very easy to manage. Baggallini’s messenger bag is the perfect embodiment of a model that can provide these. Just sling it over your shoulder and enjoy the advantages of a bag that you can easily access, is comfortable, and organizes your things properly. The brand particularly prides itself in designing their bags for ease of organization so their users won’t have to rummage for hours before they finally find what they are looking for.

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Baggallini Messenger Bag FeaturesBaggallini Messenger Bag review

• Made of water-resistant and lightweight nylon
• Hidden pocket located on front strap for easy access of money or mobile phone
• Front compartment with zipper and slots of cell phone and credit cards
• Mesh and slash pockets
• Water bottle pocket
• Comes in 12 different colors


Baggallini Messenger Bag Review Summary

Majority of Baggallini messenger bag reviews on Amazon and review forums commend the brand for making organization very easy with its perfect number of pockets. A number of small pockets for essentials are strategically located on its front strap so the user can easily get their valuables without needing to turn the whole bag over.

Moreover, the material it is made with is also very durable so that you can use it almost anywhere. Planning to go biking, traveling, or just shopping? This messenger bag is made of tough nylon that can protect your valuables inside from rain and sleet.

On the other hand, there are also some Baggallini messenger bag reviews that find faults on some design features of this model. For example, unlike other messenger bags which are roomy enough to accommodate laptops, there are others who complain that they cannot easily fit theirs on the laptop sleeve of their Baggallini. On the event that they do, they find that the spaciousness of the main compartment is compromised when they place something on the sleeve.

The length of strap of the bag is also a problem for some. While others say that Baggallini’s bag strap is just perfect for their frame, there are also those who complain about having back pains because the bag falls too low on their back even if they adjust the strap. According to some reviews, people with a height lower than 5″2′ are very likely to experience this.

Overall the customers loved the Baggallini Messenger Bag, and the price is reasonable compared to many other Messenger Bags. However if you are shorter than 5″2′ or don’t typically like to have a whole lot of different pockets on your bag, we suggest the Timbuk2 Messenger Bag or the Chrome.

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