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Indiana Jones Men's Shoulder Bag
Men’s Shoulder Bags are not a new phenomenon. Contrary to popular belief (or knowledge), men have worn some type of bag on their hip, shoulder, or fanny since the beginning of the Middle Ages. From the Girdle Pouch to the Swete Bagge to the Satchel and Briefcase, men have always used a “man purse” to carry their most prized possessions, whether it be a weapon (or a few) or a writing tablet to write sweet notes to their lady. If anyone thinks a bag for a man is not manly, I beg to differ. Just check out the rugged bag Indiana Jones carried. Today, the man bag has gotten a facelift; a modern upgrade to an ancient accessory. The most popular are Messenger Bags, also called Shoulder Bags. Interested in buying one for your dad for Father’s Day or your boyfriend for every day use? Here are a few highly reviewed men’s shoulder bags that I personally would purchase for any man in my life.

HLC Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

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This standard sized messenger bag is perfect for the man who wants something simple yet sturdy to carry on a day to day basis. Because it’s made from goat leather, reviewers loved how supple and soft it was. In a world filled with tons of unconventional shoulder bags, this one stands out as timeless and classic. With the interior roomy enough to fit a MacBook, notebook, magazine, and folders, this bag is a winner among users. The outer pocket is a little unique and a great feature. Where traditional shoulder bags have two outside pockets, this HLC has one. This one could most certainly double as a smart-looking briefcase. Just don’t try to stuff a change of clothes inside.

Mens Vintage Canvas Shoulder Military Messenger Bag

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Completely chic and unique, this bag is the opposite of regular shoulder bags. Made out of high quality canvas, it is considered a chest messenger as opposed to one-shoulder bag, but hey, you can wear it how you want. The strap is adjustable and when fully extended, stretches about 6 feet long. This vintage canvas men’s shoulder bag is perfect for a man who is a motorcycle rider, using it to stash lighter items. With two mesh bottle pockets great for a skinnier bottle or a small umbrella, a smaller compartment great for holding a cell phone or wallet, and a bigger compartment that would fit your lunch, some paperback books, or smaller tablets, this bag is made for the simpler man.

Ibagbar Durable Multifunction Canvas Shoulder Bag

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Highly reviewed on, this bag is smaller than standard men’s shoulder bags, however it is highly functional and can hold a lot of items, big or small. It comes with nine pockets with seven of them zippered. Although you won’t be able to fit your laptop in it, this Ibagbar is pretty suitable for everything and anything else, from hiking to moving between classes. Because this bag is made out of cotton canvas, it is not only durable but easy to clean. This bag is ideal for college students who would carry their books but want to hide everything else from pens to calculators to notebooks, it’s both stylish and economical.

Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag

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Kenneth Cole is undeniably the veteran of shoulder bags, for men or women. Available in five colors, this leather, unassumingly large bag rises to the standard this brand has made for themselves. Best for the guy who is fashionable and wants to be comfortable yet practical, it is portable yet can carry everything from your laptop, a few books, and still fit your every day necessities with ease. It comes with one large interior pocket, a slimmer zippered pocket, and in true messenger fashion, two large side pockets. If you’re a guy who only wants to own one shoulder bag in his life and want it to work for every need possible, this is the one.

Samsonite Classic Two Gusset 17″ Toploader

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I can describe this Samsonite in one word that is also in it’s name: Classic. Only available in black, this is the quintessential option for a neat, modern, and simple man. Although larger than most shoulder bags, this bag is still compact enough to fit under an airplane seat but will fit a larger, gamer-type laptop. Aside from the large padded computer pocket and multiple pockets on the inside and out, it also has a strong strap on the back so if you’re into traveling a lot, you can easily put it on top of your luggage handle. In spite of it’s larger size, users loved how versatile this bag is. You could easily fit a few different outfits for a casual overnight trip or put your books in it for day to day use. Regardless of how you use it, this bag is definitely high quality at a reasonable price.

Leaper Canvas Sling Outdoor Shoulder Bag

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With five pockets useful for storage, this Leaper shoulder bag is made for the man who is on the go and doesn’t make a fuss about looking chic. Complete with one large compartment big enough to fit different sized books AND a tablet, wallet, and smart phone, size definitely does not matter with this one. This is suitable for a man who wants the best of both worlds between a large briefcase and a compact shoulder bag. Unlike standard shoulder bags, this bag comes in various colors and sizes. Lots of variety to match the style and needs of any man.

Handolederco Vintage Buffalo Leather Satchel Bag

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If Indiana Jones wore a messenger bag, this would be it. Rustic and rugged, this Handolederco vintage shoulder bag is made for the man who is not afraid to get dirty. Men’s shoulder bags are normally made to take a few bumps and this one definitely is up for that challenge. Many users loved the worn and torn look of it but also appreciated how durable and long-lasting this bag is. As vintage as this bag looks, the inside is very contemporary. Aside from having a separate laptop pocket, securable with a strap, there’s a separate side folder. Made of 100% genuine leather, the quality of the bag is raved as amazing. It’s versatile enough to fit anything, from your change of clothes, to your tablet and daily basic items. Or a whip.

Snugg™ Crossbody Shoulder Bag

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This large, functional men’s shoulder bag (available in seven different colors) is for the guy who wants to stand out an make a bold statement. Snugg designs shoulder bags for the sophisticated yet cool man who likes statement pieces and this one did not disappoint. As stylish as it is, this bag is also one of the largest with the most compartments of this list. Not only does the internal pocket fit any device (or combination of items) that are up to 15.6 inches, there are also nine additional pockets that will hold a multitude of items. Even the exterior pockets are large enough to fit a big smartphone, which is slightly different from other men’s shoulder bags of this size. If you think having a large bag with a gazillion different compartments meant the bag was heavy and bulky, think again. Across the board, people who have purchased this bag loved how light in weight and unobtrusive it is. This one is best for a college student or professor who only wants to carry one bag big enough to carry everything needed for the day while still remaining trendy.

CoolBell Nylon Laptop Shoulder Bag

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Another chic option for the chic guy, the CoolBell men’s shoulder bags are an innovative way to combine a traditional messenger with a laptop case. Big enough to fit a 15.6 inch device, this bag also comfortably fits a few extra items, such as notebooks and magazines. Made out of nylon and available in black, blue, gray, tan, and pink (because real men DEFINITELY wear pink), reviewers loved how lightweight and high-quality this bag is. For traditional laptop shoulder bags, it is a must to have an inside padded area to ensure your laptop (or any electronic device for that matter) will not take a beating if your bag gets knocked around. Users raved about this feature but also let it be known that it does not take up a lot of space. On the outside, there’s a small front pocket that are great for pens, a smart phone, and a wallet. Although there aren’t a lot of compartments, this is great for a guy who doesn’t have a lot of items to transport on a daily basis.

Gootium 21108 Canvas Messenger Bag

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A first and only on the list, these kinds of men’s shoulder bags are made out of pure cotton and soft cotton-rich canvas lining, which basically means you can cram a lot of items inside. Best for the guy who is on-the-go and travels a lot, this bag is designed to fit a plethora of different items and last throughout the years. With a lengthy, adjustable strap, this is great for any sized guy. It comes equipped with a laptop pocket that will easily fit a medium-sized device as well as a padded tablet pocket and a middle divider with an internal zipper. As a plus, the front pockets are easy to access, so if you’re not into fumbling for your keys or wallet, that’s definitely a great feature. Users across the board loved how sturdy this is, and because of the cotton on the bag and leather on the front flap, physically gives you the best of both worlds; chic and rough. Perfect for any man with any taste.

Men’s Shoulder Bags are Here to Stay

From the classic to the bold to the masculine to the androgynous, the man-bag has evolved and men’s shoulder bags are an all-around win. It’s better than carrying around a plastic bag filled with your books or shoving your keys, wallet, notebook, and everything else in your pocket. No longer do men have to settle for the neon fanny pack or the Jansport bookbag. Depending on his personal needs, style, and taste, with a little research you will find something perfect that fits.

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