Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag Review

The Risky Business Messenger Bag from Kenneth Cole is one of the most popular choices of people who are looking for functionality and style in their messenger bags. Made from soft, Columbian full-grain leather, this bag carries the sophistication that the Kenneth Cole brand is well-known for. A lot of people particularly like it because it has this versatile look that makes it the perfect tote for both formal and casual use. It also has a very simple interior and very functional gusset and front pockets.

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Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag Specifications: Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag review

• Small to medium bag: (13 inch width, 3 inch thickness)
• 2.5 inch single gusset interior pocket
• 2 front pockets (Left pocket for phone, right pocket for business cards, credit cards, and 2 pen holders)
• Interior zipper pocket
• Back magazine pocket behind the handle
• Strap pattern on sides of the bag

Summary of Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag Reviews

One of the most common reasons why people go for this model is because of its very versatile look. Whether paired with a sweater or a sharp suit, this bag won’t look out of place at all. It also isn’t boring to look at too. Its sharp lines and nice stitches just perfectly hit the spot between being professional and youthful.

Besides from its look, a lot of people also commend it for being functional. It can carry a mini laptop, an average sized notebook, some pens, and a textbook without looking like it’ll burst out with all its contents. It also comes with a magazine pocket with its very own magnetic closer.

Now for the cons, some Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag reviews don’t particularly like how the leather of this bag easily folds on some places. Though this isn’t really a big problem early on because the folds aren’t usually noticeable on the leather anyway, the material can show the damage after a year or two of constant use.

Moreover, there are also reviews that notice the weak magnetic closure holding the cover. The magnets don’t particularly hold on to the bag’s body when it is carried by its handle for example.

Its strap also poses a dilemma. While it is quite comfortable to use with its padding, a lot of its users have commented that its length can be a little too short for those above 6 feet. For those who are around this height, the bag can come out a little too high on the waistline and look more like a purse than a messenger bag.

To summarize, the Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag is a good choice for those who are looking for easy organization and a sense of style. However, this model is not really recommended for travel and adventure because it lacks the protection and functionality provided by other models. While it may also look pleasing to the eyes, its material and make is also not meant to last rugged, constant use.

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