Leyden & Sons Messenger Bag Review

Leyden & Sons Original Messenger Bag is definitely one of those brands topping the list of practical and sophisticated bags. With its rugged finish and profile, this model definitely hits that Leyden & Sons Original Messenger Bag Reviewspot between vintage and classic. Unlike many of the best messenger bags  of its type for men, however, this one is not only pleasing to the eyes but doesn’t also disappoint in its functionality as well.

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Leyden & Sons Original Messenger Bag Review Specifications

• Carefully constructed, single-ply, boot-grade leather
• Suede-lined interiorleydenandsons2

• Can be turned into a backpack with just a few changes on its strap

• Comes in two sizes: Large (6 lbs , 16’’wide, 6’’ deep, 12’’ tall) and X-large (6.8 lbs, 18’’ wide, 6’’ deep, 13’’ tall)



Quick Look at Leyden & Sons Original Messenger Bag Reviews

Take a quick peek at the reviews for this brand and you’ll immediately get the idea that it leaves its customers more than impressed. From the customer service to the bag’s quality, everyone literally has only good words for Leyden and Sons. A lot of people love the look of this brand with its vintage beauty that always stands out in the crowd. It’s classic and sophisticated and is made of leather that ages well. Besides from its neat and sturdy stitching, this bag is also held together by bolts so that even if the stitches come off, the structure will still hold together.

The bag is also very roomy as well. Its suede lined interior can pack up a laptop, some cords, notebooks, and textbooks—everything anyone needs during a hectic day at work or school. It also comes with pockets perfect for stashing small things such as keys and a mobile phone. Probably the thing that makes this bag really unique, however, is that it can be turned into a backpack with just some quick adjustments on its straps. Its straps are well-designed with two wide leather pads each so you won’t have to feel much of the weight of the bag when you turn it into one.

Moreover, a lot of reviews also praise this brand for providing quality service to their customers. Its packaging really makes you feel as if you’ve purchased a high quality product with its burlap, twine, and hay wrapping.

People are so impressed with this brand to the point that negative Leyden & Sons Original Messenger Bag reviews are very difficult to find. Probably the only disadvantage mentioned about it is that can be a little heavy because of its materials and sturdy structure. Its structure is also a little bulky though this isn’t really a big issue since it can be changed into a backpack anyway.

Overall, Leyden & Sons Original Messenger Bag is really a good buy. It has everything you’ll need in a messenger bag for school and office with its impeccable look and roomy interior. It is also one of those bags you’ll definitely feel will last for decades.

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