The Modern Black Leather Messenger Bag

The Black Leather Messenger Bag has become a very stylish and functional part of the modern guy’s fashion accessories. When searching for a Black Leather Messenger Bag, you can find quite a few to choose from. Which messenger bag is the best to get? Although it’s a great question to ask, it can be a difficult question to answer. We want to help you figure it out. So here is a list of the 15 Best Black Leather Messenger Bags that are available today. So if you’re in search of is a great bag in this color and style, here are the top 15 choices to decide upon:

Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-over Case:

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This Black Leather Messenger Bag is the absolute best out there. Samsonite is a well-known name that has been in business for more than 100 years, and the products they produce continue to get better with time. It is 100% leather and is loaded; it has a special pocket that is created just for you tablet, there’s a laptop compartment that can hold laptops that are up to 15.6”, there is of course a shoulder strap that is adjustable and padded so you can remain comfortable as you carry it and there’s a sturdy handle that you can carry it by as well. There are also pockets on the front of the messenger bag as well as in the interior of it so that you can keep all of your business needs and materials in an organized manner. This messenger bag is also weatherproof, ensuring that everything you have inside will remain intact and the bag will as well. There’s nothing better than knowing you can depend on your bag weathering the storm and knowing it will last a long time. Get ready for many compliments when you’re carrying it.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business

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In 1982 Kenneth Cole started a fashion line of shoes. It was a desire of his to make quality shoes, and that quality is the same for everything in his line of products, including the Kenneth Cole messenger bag line. The Black Leather Messenger Bag from Kenneth Cole is second because in a lot of ways it’s very similar to the number one choice. There are some great similarities to the Samsonite Colombian: this Black Messenger Bag is 100% genuine leather, and it’s extremely roomy. A review that was done stated that someone was able to fit 3 laptops, the cords and accessories that go along with them all in this messenger. Not only does this messenger have room for laptops up to a 15.4” screen, but there are also other compartments that are padded so you can easily fit tablets and other accessories. There’s also a rear pocket on the outer part of this messenger that allows you to put things in them that you may need easy access to. There’s also a padded strap that you can adjust to make sure you’re comfortable and a handle if you just want to carry it by hand.

Visconti Visconti Leather Distressed Messenger Bag Harvard Collection

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This awesome and stylish Black Leather Messenger Bag is smooth, large and spacious… it’s a great bag that isn’t just stylish but it’s also versatile. If you’re carrying this to work, a business meeting or have it while you’re on the run to a café, you’ll look amazing and in place with it. It has a flap closure with 2 magnetic snaps, an adjustable shoulder strap, a rear external pocket that has a zipper closure, and on the inside there is a cell phone holder, pen holder, and a zipper pocket. What is most liked about this messenger bag is that it’s a great design, has a lot of space, is extremely durable and will last a long time.

Snugg Crossbody Shoulder Black Messenger Bag

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This Black Bag is simply put, awesome! This messenger is great for everyday usage, going to the office, a business meeting and even a business trip. This messenger will give you a great look and is very durable. It can hold laptops up to 17”; it has a lot of room inside. There is a cell phone pocket on the side, a stationary pocket, can hold laptops up to 17” and there are six pockets on the interior, and four on the exterior. There is also an adjustable strap that you can carry over your body or on your shoulder… and if you choose you can carry it by the handle.

Floto Black Leather Messenger Bag

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Durable, stylish and definitely one of the better Black Messenger Bags you can find, this Floto messenger bag is a great one to own! It is made in Italy and is large… very large. In fact, this messenger bag can hold laptops, tablets, books, files and more! It has 3 compartments on the inside and the middle has a zipper closure; there are also pen holders and plenty of room to keep everything organized. Not only is this Black Messenger Bag stylish and convenient it is one that is extremely durable and you won’t be disappointed owning it.

Bosca Old Leather Messenger Bag

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This Black Leather Messenger Bag definitely stands out and is great to have. On the inside there is one large compartment, but there is surely a lot of room! You can put any size laptop in this messenger bag, there is a inner pocket that has a zipper closure and there is also a pocket on the exterior of the bag. The messenger closes with a magnet closure to ensure it is closed, and has a 24” shoulder strap that you can adjust to the perfect length just for you! This messenger is a great choice for you if you need to use it for business, to carry to the office, use it on a business trip, road trips and anything else you may need. This messenger bag is extremely versatile and can be used for any occasion and goes with any style!

Navali Mainstay, Leather Messenger Bag

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This Black Leather Messenger Bag is, simply put, amazing! It has a great style and has plenty of room! This bag has a lot of room on the interior, there is room for laptops up to 13”, there is a pocket on the interior that has a zipper closure, there are 3 organizer pockets, a pocket on the exterior that has a zipper closure and also one on both side panels. The shoulder strap is adjustable, made from canvas and has a padded leather rest.

FRYE Men’s Oliver Messenger Bag

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There is no mistake here, 2 FRYE bags in a row; this company is good, and the messenger bags they put out are liked by quite a few people. They are sure to move up the list the more they make messenger bags and are sure to get better with time. The FRYE Company started out making shoes, but many are certainly glad they started making messenger bags for sure. This bag is very roomy, has a carrying strap that is 20.5” and is removable, it also has a magnetic closure. There are 2 pockets on the outside that are covered by the flap on the front, and there is also a pocket on the back of the messenger bag.

Fossil Aiden East-West Messenger Bag

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This messenger bag is a great one to have… and that’s for sure! It is extremely sleek and gives you a professional look anytime you carry it. There is an exterior pocket in the back of this messenger bag, as well as one on the front of the bag that is covered by the flap closure. There is plenty of room in this messenger bag and you’ll love to carry your laptop, tablet, documents and any other important items that you may need as you go through your day with this messenger bag.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Risky Business Messenger Bag

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This bag is simple, functional and a great one to have. There is a flap closure, a lot of interior space, an interior pocket that has a zipper closure that is full length. There are 2 magnets on the exterior which are not hidden. This is a great bag to have and carry on a daily basis, very versatile and great to have. Reviewers said it looks great if your wearing sweatpants or a nice suit!

Kenneth Cole Reaction Come Bag Soon – Colombian Leather Laptop & iPad Messenger

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This Black Leather Messenger Bag is a great one to own for sure. It has an exterior flap over that has a magnetic closure. Under the flap there are 2 top pockets, one that has a holder for a cell phone, the other has pen loops and slots for business cards. There are 2 interior compartments; the main one is padded and fit laptops that have screens that are 15.6” or smaller. There is also a padded area for your tablet, and a pocket that has a full length zipper. The exterior rear has a pocket as well that has a magnetic snap closure to easily access items you may need to get quickly.

Baigio Men’s Black Leather Business Shoulder Messenger Satchel Bag

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This bag is genuine black leather and has a nice cotton lining. There is an adjustable shoulder strap that is 24”. Under the front flap over there is an open pocket for your tablet and a open pocket for your cell phone. The main compartment is great and very roomy and has a zipper closure. There is also a pocket on the back that has a zipper closure. This bag is extremely fashionable and is great for everyday use or for important business ventures as well.

Cole Haan Men’s Pebble Leather Messenger

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This Messenger Bag is one that is nice, convenient and stylish. Please note that it is “chocolate,” not black. It has a flap over closure, a open pocket under the flap over, a nice spacious main compartment that has a pocket inside with a zipper closure, an open pocket for your cell phone, and pen holders. This Black Leather Messenger Bag is a great option for everyday business usage, traveling and casual days when you need certain items.

Mancini Leather Goods Laptop and Tablet Messenger Bag

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This large, leather and stylish Messenger Bag is one that is refined, distinguished and of high quality, and that’s just how you’ll feel when you’re carrying it! Please note that it comes in burgundy at the time of this writing. This is very functional and is great for you to use if you want to do so for business or if you have casual uses that you want it for. It is a large messenger that has sleeves for a laptop and a tablet… each sleeve is padded to ensure extra protectiveness for your items. This bag can hold any laptop that is 15.6” or smaller, and it has multiple pockets that are on the front of it, under the flap. These can be used to hold your cell phone, business cards, writing instruments, books, files and important documents you may need to carry. There is also a pocket on the exterior rear of this Black Messenger Bag… this pocket has a zipper closure to ensure whatever you put in it doesn’t fall out. There is an adjustable shoulder strap for you to carry it. This bag is pricey, but worth it. You get what you pay for, right!?

Le Donne Leather Full Flap Computer Messenger

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The final Black Leather Messenger Bag on our list is one that is a good one as well. This Bbag is made of leather and Colombian leather, it is handcrafted and is extremely big with quite a bit of room to carry what you will need. There is a padded area for your laptop or tablet that has a Velcro strap to close it in and make sure it’s secure. There are also business card slots, a cell phone pocket, pen holders, 2 open pockets under the flap, an interior pocket that has a zipper closure and plenty of room for your documents, files, books or anything else you need to carry. This bag is one that can be used for a business venture, casual affairs or if you need to travel. The versatility of this messenger is amazing and you’ll be happy with your choice.

Black Leather Messenger Bag for the Masses

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As a bonus, we wanted to list a 16th bag that is low on price but still has great reviews. Check out the Zebella Vintage Pu Leather Briefcase Shoulder Business Laptop Messenger Bags Tote for Men. This bag looks great and is still quite functional. It’s good for poor students or guys who just got their first gig and don’t have a lot of cash at the moment. It gets the job done and at the end of the day will carry your stuff and look good too!

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