Rapid Dominance Classic Military Messenger Bag Review

Rapid Dominance Classic Military Messenger Bag Review: The Rapid Dominance Classic Military Messenger Bag is a model of messenger bag that has a pretty good following from people who are looking for heavy-duty yet highly functional bags to bring along. This model is a very durable canvas military inspired bag that was inspired by Rapid Dominance. Besides from being really convenient with its roomy interior and number of pockets, it also looks quite appealing in its own rugged way.

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Rapid Dominance Classic Military Messenger Bag Specifications

Rapid Dominance Classic Military Messenger Bag Review – Online Opinions

Look all over the internet and the most you’ll be reading about are praises when it comes to the functionality of this bag. Its interior offers lots of room and its pockets are also easily accessible as well. A lot of people particularly like the 2 front pockets because they are great for storing small items like keys, a small music player, and a flashlight which need to be easily accessed most of the time. Other pockets are also great for storing a water bottle and an umbrella—a point which is very useful for those who will be travelling or going out on the road. It also has a good interior polyester lining which adds a layer of protection on the things placed inside it.

Another thing that makes this bag very popular is its well-made design. Its high quality canvass is sewn together cleanly and properly and its strap also comes with brass details that add to its rugged, yet attractive design.

While this model has its fair share of pros, there are also Rapid Dominance Classic Military Messenger Bag reviews that point out some of its faults. For example, a lot of people complain about the strap being a little too short sometimes. There are also others who comment about the brass buckle on the strap as only appealing and not functional at all. Many say that it can be very hard to adjust sometimes because it doesn’t slide that easily. Moreover, despite its structured form, this model also tends to take the shape of whatever is placed inside it.

Overall, the Rapid Dominance Classic Military Messenger Bag can be rated average. While it may have some pretty good points, its cons equally balance it if you look at it overall. Functionality and organizational wise, this model is a good choice because of its perfect size and number of pockets. However, ease of use is not really its strong point because of its strap which can be challenging to adjust.

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