Timbuk2 Commute 2012 Laptop Messenger Bag Review

When it comes to the best messenger bags for men, the Timbuk2 brand is one of those in the top list of choices of many. One of its models, the Timbuk2 Commute 2012 Laptop Messenger Bag is particularly a favourite of people who need to lug around their laptops on travels and other situations that are quite rough in nature. Made of advanced materials, this bag was crafted for the ultimate jetsetters with its convenient pockets, high quality materials, and sophisticated design.

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Timbuk2 Commute 2012 Laptop Messenger Bag FeaturesTimbuk2 Commute 2012 Laptop Messenger Bag Review

• Made of durable, high quality synthetic ballistic nylon material
• TSA compliant external laptop compartment that lies flat
• Laptop and iPad separate padded tricot line compartments
• Removable shoulder strap that allows it to be used as a messenger bag or briefcase
• Faux fur lined pockets for additional gadget safety
• Luggage passthrough

A Look at Timbuk2 Commute 2012 Laptop Messenger Bag Reviews

One of thepros of this model is its TSA-compliant laptop pocket which can be unzipped from the main bag and allows it to lie flat. This is a very useful perk for people who are always travelling because they no longer need to take out their laptop from their bags when going through airport security. A lot of its users also love the zippered Napoleon pocket on its front where items that are usually needed to be taken out can be placed.

The thick, waterproof TPU made up of tough ballistic nylon is also very useful because it properly protects the laptop inside from water. Users of this model are also impressed by the two small flaps on the bag’s sides that help sealing the gadget more for added protection.

Besides from its very convenient structure, this bag has also become a favourite of many travel bugs because of its feature called ‘Crater Foam’ which is a foam material lining the inner compartment for the laptop. This lining works by preserving the battery life of the gadget by cooling it at a faster rate.

When it comes to its cons, Timbuk2 Commute 2012 Laptop Messenger Bag reviews complain about the lack of proper padding in this bag. It seems like the brand has focused more on protecting and sealing the laptop inside and hasn’t really given much attention in protecting it from outside impacts. Moreover, this model isn’t also for those who want to travel light. With its ballistic nylon material, lots of pockets, and TPU liner, this bag is already pretty heavy even without the laptop inside it.

Overall, the Timbuk2 Commute 2012 Laptop Messenger Bag can only be rated an above average because of the limitations that it has when it comes to its weight and lack of padding—two factors that are very important to people who want a good messenger bag for their travels and hobbies. Quality and durability wise, however, this one’s a good one since its build is really meant to last for a long time.

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